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It's all about the revolution..


So I read my last post. Damn. It's been too long. Facebook has sucked in my soul, and work & school and crushed the rest. I'm ok. And better than ever.


...I haven't disappeared..

...I've just been pregnant. That's right. Finally at long last, I'm due to have a boy the first week of April. Go figure all it took was to be with a man that didn't constantly smoke pot and not eat. I still stand by the fact myt ex husband was an anorexic, that or a very quiet bulimic, he is an unhappy man, and I still feel that he is. None of that matters now though, I'm engaged to be married next month and I'll finally have the family I've always wanted. God works in strange ways. All I know is that If I had stayed with any of my exes I doubt I would be near as happy or as close as I am now to having a family.

One Hell of a Move and a Happy Day

-------------------------------- A Hell of a Move ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------
So we finally moved into a bigger house. Front yard, backyard both enclosed (you know for the kids), three bedroom and two bath and the best part a WALK-IN DAMMINT! :)
Bitchin' Closet!Collapse )
We couldn't find a in-town u-haul within a 50 mile radius, so we had to move everything in our blazer. It has a fold down back seat and a good sized open trunk but the back gate/window will NOT open. And the back driver side door won't open anymore either. *suck* So we just threw what we could inside and strapped the rest to the top. We moved everything with that thing, even the couch and entertainment center! (lol) But the new place is just fantastic and we have more room than we know what to do with (for now), and we efinally have room for everything, and I mean everything. All of Bennie stuff, and my stuff, plus my grandmothers decades worth of books and housewares.

----------------------------------- A Beautiful Day -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------

On another happy note the wicked witch is dead!! Yes she is for sure dead! I got the news this morning from a little birdie and found out she got FIRED! Her and her shoe licking gnome (not really he wasn't a bad guy, just a guy getting caught up in a shitty situation, and saying "fuck it", and staying. Still kinda his fault but whatever, everyone has a reason they think is good enough to do what they do.) She was the Assistant manager of the little Ceasers in Espanola and she was stealing hours by going to school to pick up her kids and be gone every weekday for over two hours a day at over 11 dollars an hour pay, being racist against whites, picking on my BF and ONLY my BF,  hiring illegal aliens, and so much other bullshit that I don't have the tim to type it all here. I'll do that later, right now I have to get the house ready because were having a fucking GOING AWAY PARTY FOR THAT BITCH, in honor of her getting fired, and no she isn't invited. (lol)


Christmas Cheer

Another year goes by, and I am still here.

Older certainly, but as young of heart as ever.

To those who I didn't send anything this year, I am so sorry. I plan to send out belateds in feb, even though most of you told me not to worry about it because of the previous years I WAS able to send something. Understanding goes a long way, assuredly more than a dollar does, now-a-days. I am including a link (on my website so no hotlinking here) to a live feed I recorded coming out of Chicago. Timeless Christmas music, a ton of classics. Some links to my favorite sites of '10, and my wish for everyone's Christmas and New Years to be spectacular!

Christmas Special (1club.fm)- 34.52MB

Top Ten:

http://wikileaks.ch/ - Of course, who could forget WikiLeaks? I love anything that gives the Government a run for it's money.
http://www.bombshock.com/revenge_pranks/ - Because I can be an Asshat sometimes.
http://www.animefreak.tv/ - Gotta get that fix!
http://www.ghostvideos.ws/ - I wasted a better part of a month checking and watching everything here, many vids are for real.
http://www.illwillpress.com/ - Foamy is my Master and I must obey...*gargle...drool*..
http://river.shadowgalactica.com/twins.php - I LOVE Sailor Moon, but hey, everyone has their favorites..
http://www.couchsurfing.org/ - I've tried it a had a great experience, it's not for everyone, but If you have no kids I say go for it.
http://celestial-star.net/ - Has great Photoshop brushes, If you web design check it out (this counts as a cred, lol)
http://www.craigslist.org/about/sites - Ahhh, Craigslist, what would I do without you? I owe you my couch and entertainment center (free!).
http://www.cracked.com/ - Some people read the newspaper when they get up, I read Cracked.


Nova Albion Baby!

So it's official! I'm going Kara's going, and where going to have a grand 'ole time! If your curious and want to go too I put the banner under the cut because it is MASSIVE but great!
Nova Albion Steampunk ExhibitionCollapse )I made the reservation today over the phone, and when I went online to see how much it really was without the group discount, it told me that it was sold out for that weekend already. So I think I got the last reservation, how about that!? Can't wait to go, got a countdown already started and were going to the winchester mystery house as a plus, because San Francisco is only like an hour away.

-Lady Absinthe Bast


Another Sucessfull Thanksgiving

Hand made mash potatoes, from the peeling to the boiling to the mashing and creaming. Turkey not dry, and adult beverages abounding. I had our house up to a steamy 90 degrees by the end of the evening. All in all very satisfactory, If you haven't figured this out by now.


I'm baaaack!

So did anyone miss me...*cricket chirps*...nonetheless, I am back folks, back online and ready to own it. Not that I would want to, I would rather not take responsibility for all the freaks and pedobears on the web. But anyways, I have decided to post more frequently and maybe even include some personal and geographical information about myself, nothing too specific, but volumes more than I have been posting in the last two years. That is I think that my lame ex-husband has finally found someone else to bother, annoy, and piss off. Better her than me, and that's all I have to say about it. Either way, If he is reading he can stew in his own juices over how well I am doing. I got a caregivin' job in New Mexico and got into to my college of choice (well it's not stanford, but it'll do). My client is a nice guy, and get this we actually got to go to the zoo, (he's a prinicipal of a christian school) so when he had to go I got to go with him that day. I am collecting unemployment as well, and I would love to say if I actually get paid of not, but I won't, so lets just say that I do it out of the goodness of my heart, and the family also comps the rent at the place we are staying at. Just maybe. I dunno, I could be blowing smoke, but who knows? Bennie found work, and they want to promote him to management already. Things are really looking up. (Thank you Jesus!)Also, we are looking into buying a house as soon as january. I'm excited! :) I'll keep you all posted and I will post more...

Me like-eee

Direct quote from Cracked:

it's caused by illusory superiority. If you're wondering how a person can screw up time and time again and still think they're better than those other "below average" folk, you can thank the infamous Dunning-Kruger effect, a catch-22 seemingly designed by Satan himself that makes incompetent people unable to judge their own incompetence because measuring competence is the thing they're least competent at.

(I love cracked, they really make everyday a little more tolerable. I also found out I'm more sarcastic than I think......and I like that too!)

-Lady Bast (BITCHES!)


.......or not?........

I am still here...

Yes, I am alive,
Trying to survive,
which is what prompts this diatribe,
It isn't easy living in the city,
no young one it's not pretty,
in fact I conclude it pretty shitty,